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    Progress: - Edition of server configs. (P - I) - Cleaning of each character before starting each match. (P - I) - Reduction of combat state time. (P - I) - Starting items for each match. (P - I) - Continuous return of DPT. (P) - Erase of 'To Village' button. (I) - Combat restrictions. (I) - Gold per second. (I) - Character's respawn timings. (P) - AI of towers. (O) - AI of minions. (O) - AI of neutral creatures. (O) - AI of Inhibitors. (O) - AI of Spheal. (I) - Structure of the "Shop" (Purchase / Sale). (R - CA - O) - Structure of "Manager". (O) - Kills and Deaths system. (O) - Statistics system. (O) - Spells system. (I) - Balance of skills. (O) - Balance of items. (O) - Balance of creatures. (O) - Base stats for all classes. (R - O) - Damage and regeneration of Dark & Light bases. (O) - Client: Classic map 'Inferno' (Light side). (I) - Client: Announcements of moments during matches. (O) - Client: Tower's textures (Light side). (I) - Client: Nexus textures (Light side). (I) - Client: Inhibitors textures (Light side). (I) - Client: Sounds and effects of towers (Light side). (I) - Client: Sounds and effects of nexus (Light side). (I) - Client: Sounds and effects of inhibitors (Light side). (I) - Mini-Map. (O) - Buffs on some neutral creatures. (O) References: (P) = Presented - (I) = Implemented - (R) = Reconsidered - (O) = Optimized - (CA) = Changed Notice: Each aspect of the progress is generalized. Most are highly complex and include a lot of minor advances. However, we didn’t take the time to mention each one of them because this patch takes part on the ‘Pre-Alpha’ version of the server and there’re too many things that we’re changing and improving that I’d be impossible to explain them in detail, and which are also in constant development.

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