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  1. Update (EN)

    After so many takes, finally Newline Trailer (Gameplay version) is present!
  2. Update (EN)

    95% of all our web content it is now translated to Enlgish. In the course of the next week the web will be ended for the BETA period. So we will begin publishing the project. Also we will be launching the teaser of the game. And who says... Soon also the launch date!!!
  3. Update (EN)

    Hello Guys in the course of today and tomorrow I will be communicating a very important news about the continuous development of the project. Sincerely we are very busy with work right now, we want to announce the lunch date of BETA as soon as possible without leaving any other important point behind as the advertising which up to today is totally stopped. I will bring another very important news regarding this as preview: a new system that will allow us to work like a community with a same goal and the most clear way possible. On the other hand ( and as i know that the majority is waiting like mad lol ) I see forced to announce that probably the "Flash-Trailer The Crown" will be late a few weeks . It is not like i can't launch it in the next days, it just is we are concious that in the course of the next two weeks the project will move a lot forward thanks to the new additions inside the team (mainly VISUAL level) which force us to delay a little bit the trailer to try achieve be the most catching possible in the moment it comes to light. As you know we are looking to maintain always the highest level possible and believe that our decision accompany this idea or culture of work. Greetings to all! Let's go... a little bit of patience doesn't kill anyone! Soon will arrive everything that we are awaiting and jointly. Thus Newline EXPLODES! Until the next, we keep in touch. Atte. Redline.
  4. Update (EN)

    The background of the forum and the logo disappeared. It is a bug of the last actualization (IPBoard 4.1.10 Version) which are currently facing thousands of users. We are sorry for any annoyance. We are united with IP minute by minute to solve this as soon as possible because that way it is ugly! lol.
  5. Update (EN)

    We are working hard to finish the "Flash-Trailer The Crown" as soon as possible hope to have it for the next week God willing. We keep moving forward inside the game and are next to launch new implementations, fixs and new news regarding our websites. We were making more sophistacate some guides and working with a details inside the forum. As always we keep moving in every aspect found in a key moment in which our different strategies can give us an strong push towards the BETA period. The work as a community will be one of the main keys. We look forward to all your continued support! Atte. Newline Team.
  6. Update (EN)

    Hello again community! I see that some of you are very anxious! Newline is coming quickly! It makes me happy communicate in a few days we hope an increase of login consistent and gradual. And too with this be able to deal with you more frequently. Being able to know us each day a little more. As you surely saw we are looking to get to the first goal setted by our users. We want to get to 4 thousands likes in our facebook page to be able to make known the new version of our official websites. In which we worked a lot in the last months. We believe that with a strong advertising campaign and with the support of all we can arrive quickly. Move forward Newline! We are closer than eveeeeeeeeeer! A huge hug to all of you!
  7. Update (EN)

    Hi community! One of the more rutine and important tasks of Newline is the constant interaction between staff and users. The last months we have been overcharged of work and that precluded that mentioned comunication was frequent, friendly and useful. To bring the last news, we communicate through our social media, web, and forum announcements. However there are some short news or no so important that we want you to know. Mainly those loyal users that want to know absolutely everything. The more the better and for that this post was created. The main objective of this post is that the staff can inform you the greater detail quantity possible. Short texts to know where we are working, some ideas that come up to implement in the future, etc. Without anymore to say as always we keep in touch.
  8. Como realizar una donación (IMGx5 - TR/CR)

    We have endeavored as much as possible to make the donation process as practical and transparent as possible. IMPORTANT: - Our SSL certificate guarantees the safety and privacy of all your data. You can relax with it. IMG - Be sure to always read and accept the terms of donations before you contribute with the server. IMG "MINI-GUIDE" HOW TO DONATE: Well, let's start with this "mini-guide" of four steps to make a donation: 1- In this case we will enter the following link: https://nlgames.net/joinbeta (We should already have created an account and be logged in). 2- Once the page is loaded, we will click on the lower left part of it, as it marks the red box in the image below: IMG 3- When we have clicked in the button it will pop up a modal to complete the amount of NL Coins that want to acquiere. 4- After having completed this field, we must read and accept the terms of donations by clicking on the green labeled checkbox in the following image: IMG And finally we will click on DONATE. 5- If we did these simple steps correctly then Xsolla official platform will open. IMG Here we will choose our favorite payment method (there are many and they vary according to your residence country) and finally complete all the payment data. IMG Great. If you completed all these points the donation will be done so we grab the occasion to thank you. Atte. Newline Team. Related Issue: ¿Why we implement donations?
  9. Now without more to say, I leave a mini-guide (very simple and brief by the way) so you can connect your accounts. Let's go from the beginning: 1) We enter to the official page of Newline. 2) If we have not yet registered, click on the register button located on the top bar of the user. (If you already have an account, skip this step) IMG 3) Once you're logged in with our account then we go to the user panel, "My account" section. IMG 4) Being in this section we can see a button that says: "Connect account". IMG 5) By clicking it a modal will open there we will complete our forum data (username and password). IMG 6) Click on connect. If all went good, then a modal will pop up confirming mentioned connection and we will have the privileges listed above.
  10. Install a game should be easy, as it is in Newline. Next we will make a mini guide on how to install the game on our computers. Let's go there! First step: Getting the Official Updater. Well, to get our updater we will have three options. 1- We got it when we go to register our account from the registration form (http://nlgames.net). IMAGE 2- We should receive the e-mail from the staff (a few days before the launch) there we will find attached the updater (Only for those who have acquired a reward package). 3- Or click here to begin download automatically. Step two: Run the Official Updater. Once you have downloaded the updater on your computer you can begin to download the game. The task is very simple as you can well appreciate in the follows: 1- We will create a folder where wish to install the game with name "Newline". 2- We will move our updater to that folder. 3- Run the updater (by double clicking on it) to start to download the game within our previously created folder. 4. When the main progress bar is complete (as it shows the following picture) our game has been successfully downloaded so it will automatically enable the Play now button! IMAGE 5- Click on the button and enjoy! IMPORTANT: - Remember to run the updater (click in full-check) every time the staff announce the launch of a new version. - Remember to register in our community to get your own account to enter the game. - Remember that you can only enter the BETA period if you purchased a reward package, or Beta-Key.
  11. Menú de juego - Game Menu (IMGx6 - TR/CR)

    Hi guys, I hope everything is great. I approach this time to introduce our Game Menu, who is temporarily located within the C.M. (Community Manager). To access the menu simply press the TAB key. If we do it from the main city, we can see the next window. IMG As the buttons well point, from here we can perform the following actions: Create game IMG When we create a game we will choose: Name of it, game mode, quantity of players, password (if you wish) and the spectator mode (available/unavailable). Then we simply click on the "Create" button. Join an existing game IMG When joining a game, we simply choose from the list which we wish to join, by clicking the "Join" button. Consult statistics IMG We will also have the opportunity to observe our accounts statistics such as: level, games played, won, lost, greatest achievements, respect, karma, etc. Selection of hero / team If we either create a game or join to an existing one, will pass to selection of heroes and team. There we will choose first the team (Red or Blue) and then desired hero. We leave an image below so you can see how this screen looks.IMG Match details Now, if we enter into the C.M inside a game then we can see the statistics of all players in real time as shows the following picture: IMG Here we can see the number of kills and deaths of each player, total gold of each team, the total kills of both teams, etc. ____________________________________________ This has been all for the moment guys. As we already mentioned in several sections, we still have much more in mind to improve into our game menu, adding new features and optimizing it graphically. We hope to have these advances as soon as possible. Of course, a big hug to everyone.
  12. Donaciones - Donations

    Newline is a project that takes years of research, leadership, teamwork, extreme will, so much professional work, passion, energy, and illusions to put it in shape in order to build the best game and also the best community ever seen. To achieve all this and more, large amounts of donations was needed. This was the only way for Newline development keep moving forward non-stop during this time. Newline being a project of this magnitude, not only needs donations to re-financed and for efficient and effective maintenance but to make updates, implement new tools, new skins, new characters, new classes, new designs, optimize for full menus, updaters, web, forum, etc. We believe Newline is still in its beginning and one of our pillars, and the clearest way for the community to identify this project will be its constant update. Such a large project as Newline will evolve with the passage of the time (we believe that this is clarified) we are just taking our first steps we want to go further, want to create unique and extremely dynamic, friendly and esthetic designs to bring the experience to a level ever seen. The only way we will be able to achieve this objective it is all together as a community. When making a donation we not only like you to think about the progress of the game in all its aspects but be critical and aware of the progress that we propose daily. We have full confidence that we will return the favor given to the project when a donation is made. Every day despite not having kept well informed stakeholders we noticed that people are more and more interested in the project. We are increasingly reaching words of support, people who were previously skeptical and reticent today they are more than ever giving motivation for anyone in our team. Not only with words most of them are willing to help work with the server. Therefore and for acceptance of the project outside the hard core of followers of Newline it seems necessary for the present and future progress of the project open donations shortly before launch the BETA and as retribution to who decide give us financial support. As you can see here we are a great team who will spend a lot of time daily to the project. With the majority we have a relationship of contracting by projects and / or culminated work. The vast majority of the modifications and implementations of the game, web, menus (to programming and design level), animation, illustration, sound, general infrastructure (Bandwidth and Hardware), operational tasks and managerial necessary are financed today and will remain, with donations. And as our idea, always raised, is to try to keep progressing and improving the level of Newline in all its aspects constantly, it is clear that we need the support of our community. Having explained what are the purpose of the donations, then we will explain now, which are the benefits today that you will receive. We are proposing to all who help us in this last stage of development, offer: secure access to our Closed Beta, together with a great ammount of additional benefits (from present as future). To achieve this in the fairest possible way we have proposed a system of rewards packages and future draws of Betakeys. For more information on this, click here. In the future, the benefits that Newline will provide to the users is: All kinds of skins, account bonuses, NL Records, VIP membership, etc. This is important to clarify from the beginning none of this will alter: the level of strength and competitiveness of users.
  13. Since its inception, we always believed that Newline would be a large community with an amount of users of 5 digits. To make this community coexists, and to stay communicated (via a platform) respecting the stipulated codes, rules, and terms, it requires people trained and willing to moderate. Without mentioning that they must feel totally identified with Newline idea. Not only as a project but rather as a game lining up to turn the Newline vision and mission in the present as well as projecting into the future. A golden moderator should be cautious, unconventional, positive, loyal, witty, polite, chatty, understanding, self-confident, and must be able to adapt facing any problem / situation. Although it may seem, be a Moderator is not an easy task, so one of the most important attributes that will be attributed to this role, is full confidence. For this reason, it is that most of the golden moderators today are active members of Staff, with whom we have been working for years. Now, though each has a unique personality and focus on different aspects and sections of the community, we will make a list to name them one by one: 1) Softtek (Game Master): Here is one person with an unbreakable will and faith. Countless jobs were assisted by this gentleman, not only a person with considerable experience in certain chronic offlike servers, but also remarkably clever to think of innovative ideas, many of which will certainly be using in Newline. 2) Jovirone (Producer): Well, What can I say ... It had become impossible to work with highly qualified people residing in countries whose native language is not English nor Spanish, pillar absolutely necessary to constantly communicate with these people , their knowledge of MOBA's and MMORPG's is definitely invaluable. 3) Crack (Game Tester): Crack is one of those people who is willing to help unconditionally, of which few exist. We trust in him and in his dealings educated to deal with our community. 4) Heyow (Web Surveillance): No doubt in their excellent professional performance, we know that there are very busy days in their work, and others not so much. So we think that their participation in forums (in those times when not much work), may favor largely to the community. 5) MgbHard (Game Surveillance): We have several years sharing work and friendship with this man, we know that in it lies a great responsibility, that of providing a luxury service stability for all our users within the game. We believe as well as him some security contributions and reports, possible attacks, service stability, etc. plus their continued contribution in this area can lead our community to an even higher level. 6) Mobb (Balance Leader - Translator): Definitely a Balance Leader must be in constant interaction with the community to anticipate and / or act quickly to the twists of the balance of the game. In addition, he is a humble, honest, and very loyal to his work. A key to when interacting with our users tab. While each gold moderator can participate (to a greater or lesser extent) in different areas, knowledge issues and / or work experience, for convenience, being responsible for particular sector, and for many other reasons, the general role all moderator will always create news Newline in all its edges, keeping users informed of the latest developments, moderating their behavior, participate in technical support through private ticketing system, ensure that all users comply with the rules of the game and the forum, and participate more or less as their responsibility, necessity and / or likes in the forum. The golden moderators have full access to the forum moderation tools and can edit any content within it. They can make use of the following actions for creating integrity posts and content: move, delete, re-naming, sticking, hiding, un-hiding, and many more. They can also apply any penalty and have full autonomy and responsibility to do so. That is, if a golden moderator subjectively determined rightful "ban" permanently to a user for specific action, it is their right and responsibility to do so without asking questions to any member of the Newline management sector. The other Staff members, however, have limited access and privileges. These are virtually a more user community regarding moderation privileges. Important clarification: As for our main support system, we clarify that: Each ticket generated by users, will be valid if and only if, the theme of it is personal and / or private. In case not, the Staff will not be forced to answer it, because it must go to the community in the first instance to solve your problem. If a user creates a post to solve his problem (a personal and / or private problem), and does not receive answers or fails to fix 48 hours after it has been created, only then can create a ticket and send it to Staff to be solved.
  14. In this particular section ("Introduction") we want our users to introduce themselves to the community. Rules of the section: This section doesn't have its own rules. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  15. In this particular section ("The flame") we want our users to be able to chat about things related anything outside of Newline. Rules of the section: This section doesn't have its own rules. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.

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