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  1. Como realizar una donación (IMGx5 - TR/CR)

    We have endeavored as much as possible to make the donation process as simple, practical and transparent as possible. IMPORTANT: - Our SSL certificate guarantees the safety and privacy of all your data. You can relax with it. IMG - Be sure to read and always accept the terms of donations before you contribute with the server. IMG "MINI-GUIDE" HOW TO DONATE: Well, let's start with this "mini-guide" of four short steps to make a donation: 1- We will use the following link: https://nlgames.net/joinbeta (While there are more pages from which you can donate, we will focus on this case, from this section: "Join the beta") 2- Once the page is loaded, we will click on the lower left part of it, as it marks the red box in the image below: IMG 3- When we clicked on that site, it will show a modal / form for us to complete two simple things: The first: The amount that you wish to donate (Number of Newline Coins). The second: Which method we want to use to make the donation. (Currently only available Payu. soon we will implement new methods) After completing this information, you must read and accept the terms of donations by clicking on the green labeled checkbox in the following image: IMG And finally we will click on DONATE. 4- If we did these simple steps correctly, it will open the payment method choice. Where we will complete all our data, and where we end up choosing one of the different payment options. If you reach this point, we have to thanks you for your collaboration with the project! You can not imagine how great is your help. Issues for donations: ¿Why we implement donations?
  2. Now without saying anything more, I leave a mini-guide (very simple and brief by the way) so you can connect your accounts: 1) From the beginning: You enter to the homepage of Newline. 2) If we have not yet registered, click on the register button located on the top bar of the user. (If you already have an account, skip this step) IMG 3) Once you're logged in with your account on the web, then focus on the user panel, the "Connect Accounts" section. IMG Once there, we will complete the short form entering our username & password (with data from our own forum) and then click "connect". If all went good, then we will open a modal confirming the connection. And we will have the privileges listed above. Greetz.
  3. Install a game should be easy, and so is Newline. Then we will make a mini guide on how to install the game on any computer. Let's go there! First step: Getting the Updater/Official Updater. Well, to get our updater we will have three options. 1- We got it when we go to register our account from the registration form located on the official website: (http://nlgames.net) IMAGE 2- We should receive the e-mail from the staff, (a few days before the launch of the BETA period). where we will find attached the updater. (Only for those who have acquired a reward package) 3- Or click here to begin download automatically. Step two: Run the updater/Official Updater. Once you have downloaded the updater on your computer. Now you can begin to download the game. The task is very simple, as you can well appreciate in the follows: 1- We will create a folder where you wish to install the game with the name "Newline". 2- We will move our Updater to that folder. 3- Run the updater (by double clicking on it) to start to download the game within our previously created folder. 4. When the main progress bar completes (as it shows the following picture), is a sign that our game has been successfully downloaded, so it will automatically enable the Play now button! IMAGE 5- Click on the button and enjoy! GJ! Newline already installed on your computer. Of course, we welcome you to our community. IMPORTANT: - Remember to run the updater (tighten in full-check) every time the staff announce the launch of a new version. - Remember to register in our community to get an account for enter the game. - Remember that you can only enter the BETA period if you purchased a reward package, or Beta-Key.
  4. Menú de juego - Game Menu (IMGx6 - TR/CR)

    Hi guys, I hope everything is great. I approach this time to introduce our Game Menu, who is temporarily located within the C.M. (Community Manager). To access the menu simply press the TAB key. If we do it from the main city, we will see the next window. IMAGE As well the marked buttons head, from here we can perform the following actions: Create game IMAGE If we choose to create a game: We have to enter the name of it, the number of players, the password (if desired), and spectator mode (enabled / disabled). Join an existing game IMAGE When joining a game, we simply choose from the list which we wish to join, by clicking the Join button. See our accounts statistics IMAGE We will also have the opportunity to observe our accounts statistics such as: Games played, won, lost, greatest achievements, respect, etc. Now, if we enter into the C.M inside a game, we can see the statistics of all players in real time, as it shows the following picture: IMAGE Here we can see the number of kills and deaths of each player, total gold of each team, the total kills of both teams, etc. ____________________________________________ This is all. As we already mentioned in several sections, we still have much more in mind to improve into our game menu, adding new features and optimizing it graphically. We hope to have these advances as soon as possible. Of course, a big hug to everyone.
  5. Donaciones - Donations

    Newline is a project that takes years of research, leadership, teamwork, extreme will, commitment, so much professional work, passion, energy, and illusions put in shape, in order to build the best game and also the best community ever created. To achieve all this and more, large amounts of donations was needed. This was the only way for Newline to continuously keep growing with the development during this time. Newline, being a project of this magnitude, not only needs donations to re-financed and for efficient and effective maintenance, but to make updates, implement new tools, new skins, new characters, new classes, new designs, optimize for full menus, updaters, web, forum, etc. We believe Newline is still in its infancy, and one of our pillars and so the clearest way for the community to identify this project will be our constant update. Such a large project as Newline it will evolve with the passage of the time (we believe that this is clarified) we are just taking our first steps, we want to go further, we want to create unique and extremely dynamic friendly and esthetic designs to bring the experience to a level ever seen. The only way we will be able to achieve this objective, it is all together as a community. When making a donation, we not only want for you to think about the progress of the game in all its aspects, you should consider that we have critical and aware points of the progress that we propose daily. We have full confidence that we will return the favor given to the project when a donation is made. Every day, despite not kept well informed stakeholders, we noticed that people are more and more interested in the project. We are increasingly reaching words of support, people who were previously skeptical and reticent, today we are more than ever giving motivation for anyone in our team. Not only with words, most are willing to help work with the server. Therefore, and for acceptance of the project outside the hard core of followers of Newline, it seems necessary for the present and future progress of the project, open donations to shortly launch the BETA, and as retribution for the financially support of us. As you can see here, we are a great team, who will spend a lot of time daily to the project. We most have a relationship of procurement projects and / or culminating work. The vast majority of the modifications and implementations of the game, web, menus, (a programming level and design), animation, illustration, sound, general infrastructure (Broadband and Hardware), the majority of tasks operational and managerial necessary, they are funded today, and will remain, with donations. And as always raised our idea is to try to keep progressing and improving the level of Newline in all its aspects constantly, it is clear that we need the support of our community. Having explained what are the purpose of the donations, then we will explain now, which are the benefits today that you will receive. We are proposing to offer help in this last stage of development, secure access to our Closed Beta. To achieve this in the fairest possible way we have proposed a system of rewards packages and raffles future Betakeys. For more information on this, click here. In the future, the benefits that Newline provides to the users will be: All kinds of Skins, Bonus Account, NL Records, Membership VIP, etc. This is important to clarify from the outset none of this will alter the level of strength and competitiveness of users.
  6. Since its inception, we always believed that Newline would be a large community with an amount of users of 4 digits. To make this community coexists, and to stay communicated via a platform respecting the codes, rules, and terms, it requires trained and willing to moderate the people. Not to mention that they must feel totally identified with Newline. Not only as a project, but rather as a game, lining up to turn the Newline vision and mission in the present, as well as projecting into the future. A golden moderator should be cautious, unconventional, positive, loyal, witty, polite, chatty, understanding, self-confident, and must be able to adapt in the face any problem / situation. Although it may seem, be a Moderator is not an easy task, so one of the most important attributes that will be attributed to this role, is confidence. For this reason, it is that most of the moderators gold today are active members of Staff, with whom we have been working for years. Now, though each has a unique personality and focus on different aspects and sections of the community, we will make a list to name them one by one: 1) Softtek (Game Master): Here is one person with a will and unwavering faith. Countless jobs were assisted by this gentleman, not only a person with considerable experience in certain chronic offlike servers, but also remarkably clever to think of innovative ideas, many of which will certainly be using in Newline. 2) Jovirone (Producer): Well, What can I say ... It had become impossible to work with highly qualified people residing in countries whose native language is not English nor Spanish, pillar absolutely necessary to constantly communicate with these people , their knowledge of MOBA's and MMORPG's is definitely invaluable. 3) Crack (Game Tester): Crack is one of those people who is willing to help unconditionally, of which few exist. We trust in him and in his dealings educated to deal with our community. 4) Heyow (Web Surveillance): No doubt in their excellent professional performance, we know that there are days very motivated in their work, and others not so much. So we think that their participation in forums (in those times when not much work), may favor largely to the community. 5) MgbHard (Game Surveillance): We have several years sharing work and friendship with this man, we know that in it lies a great responsibility, that of providing a luxury service stability for all our users within the game. We believe we and him some security contributions and reports, possible attacks, service stability, etc. More their continued contribution in this area can lead our community to an even higher level. 6) Mobb (Balance Leader - Translator): Definitely a Balance Leader must be in constant interaction with the community to anticipate and / or act quickly to the vagaries of the balance of the game. In addition, he is a humble, honest, and very loyal to his work. A key to when interacting with our users tab. While each gold moderator can participate (to a greater or lesser extent) in different areas, knowledge issues and / or work experience, for convenience, being responsible for particular sector, and for many other reasons, the general role all moderator will always create news Newline in all its edges, keeping users informed of the latest developments, moderating their behavior, participate in technical support through private ticketing system, ensure that all users comply with the rules of the game and the forum, and participate more or less as their responsibility, necessity and / or taste forum. The golden moderators have full access to the forum moderation tools and can edit any content within it. They can make use of the following posts for content and integrity: move, delete, re-naming, stickear, hiding, un-hiding, and many more. They can also apply any penalty and have full autonomy and responsibility to do so. That is, if a golden moderator subjectively determined rightful "ban" permanently to a user for specific action, it is their right and responsibility to do so without asking questions to any member of the Newline management sector. The other Staff members, however, have access and limited privileges. These are virtually a more user community regarding moderation privileges. Important clarification: As for our main support system, we clarify that: Each ticket generated by users, will be valid if and only if, the theme of it is personal and / or private. In case not, the Staff will not be forced to answer it, because it must go to the community in the first instance to solve your problem. If a user creates a post to solve your problem (a non-staff and / or private problem), and does not receive answers or fails to fix 48 hours after it has been created, only then can create a ticket and send it to Staff to be solved.
  7. In this particular section ("Introduction") we want our users to introduce themselves to the community. Rules of the section: This section doesn't have its own rules. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  8. In this particular section ("The flame") we want our users to be able to chat about things related anything outside of Newline. Rules of the section: This section doesn't have its own rules. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  9. Terms of section - Términos de la sección (Trade)

    In this particular section ("Trade") we want our users to be Rules of the section: In order to maintain order of the section, we set up one rule. When creating a post, the users must use the acronym [WTB S] - [WTS S] - [WTB B] - [WTS B] accordingly, before the title (ahead). [WTB S] = In case an user is looking [WTS S] = In case an user is looking [WTB B] = In case an user is looking [WTS B] = In case an user is looking General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  10. In this particular section ("Recruitment") we want our users to be able to reclute or join official teams. Rules of the section: In order to maintain order of the section, we set up one rule. When creating a post, the users must use the acronym [REC P] - [REC C] - [SEA C] - [SEA A] accordingly, before the title (ahead). [REC P] = In case an user is looking for people to join his/her clan. [REC C] = In case an user is looking for clans to join his/her alliance. [SEA C] = In case an user is looking for a clan to join. [SEA A] = In case an user is looking for an alliance to introduce his/her clan on it. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  11. Terms of the section - Términos de la sección (Media)

    In this particular section ("Media") we want our users to be able to share any type of image or video related to our servers. Next, we mention a few examples: - PvP videos. - Tournament videos. - Match videos. - Compiled videos. - Skin videos. - PvP images. - Tournament images. - Match images. - Compiled images. - Skin images. Rules of the section: To maintain order of this section, we only set up one rule. To create a thread, the user must use the acronym [VD] or [IM] before the title. [VD] = In case of posting videos. [IM] = In case of posting images. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  12. In this particular section ("General Discussion") we want our users to be able to chat about things related to our servers, here are some of examples: - Classes debate. - Items debate. - Prices debate. - Playstyle of the game. - Stategies. - General Balance. - Game modes. - Suggestions. Rules of the section: This section doesn't have its own rules. General rules of the forum: Click here Important: Threads that aren't related to this section or don't meet the rules will be erased without notice.
  13. ¿Why the rewards packages exists? The rewards packages were designed and created for (as well the name implies) reward those who contribute to our "final stage of development" ahead of the next period. This reward is mainly based on our incoming closed Beta, with complementing certain amount of additional benefits (present and future), depending on the purchased package. ¿Do I have to get a reward package to play Newline in the future? No. Newline will be free-to-play when it officially launches. If I purchase a package... What will happen next? When purchasing a package your account will be automatically benefit. First, you have already secured your participation throughout the BETA period. Also we automatically credited all the rewards to your account according to the package obtained. In addition to this, you will have the privilege of purchase any type of skin through your Newline coins / Event points. (Accounts that not have access to the beta should wait the official launch of Newline to get them). ¿Why there are three different packages? We understand that many players have different budgets and objectives, and not everyone wants to collaborate with our server in the same way. Therefore, we have chosen to offer a wide range of different options. In this way, we ensure that any person who supports our project, will be able to play in our beta enjoying at the same time, several additional benefits. ¿Which methods can I use to get these packages? Newline currently has two different methods of payment (Paypal and Payu). The countries covered by the company are: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa & Turkey. While the countries covered by Paypal, you can view them by doing click here Only residents of these countries will be those with the potential to contribute to the server today. Anyway, we are working to implement Digital Account and Paysafecard soon. To view the guide on how to donate, please click here . If I purchase a noble or baron reward package ¿Can I upgrade it to a higher level? No. Currently there is no option to upgrade your package to a higher level after making the payment. We are investigating the possibility of adding this feature. But for now, we regret to say that is not possible. ¿Can I purchase more than one reward package at a time? No. As long as a cash reward package is mantained on an account, the user can't acquire any other packages. ¿Which Heroes offer each package? Here are the Heroes that each package offers. ¿What if my favorite Heroes are not included in the package that I purchased? We have been working on the implementation of a new feature that solves this problem without the need of change package. You can now activate thirty-one heroes with just one click, in exchange for some Newline Coins. If you do not know how, then click here. ¿What are the "Newline Coins"? The Newline Coins are and always will be the most valuable coins in Newline. With them, the user can make any type of purchase. Some of them could be: Skins, Aghations, Magic Boxes, Layers, VIP Membership, Heroes, Dyes, Account Bonuses, Reward Packages, etc. ¿How "Beta-Keys" Hero package works? Accounts that have activated the Hero package enjoy an unique privilege. Every 15 days, they will automatically receive two Beta-Keys. These Beta-Keys expire on the seventh day of use, so they could be giving free and constantly free access to one of his best friends. The most interesting thing of all? This benefit will be maintained from beginning to end throughout the BETA period. ¿What is a VIP user? The VIP user is a user, but with some unique privileges. The privileges are: • The VIP user can change his character Nickname once a month. • The VIP user can create VIP tickets in our support system. These tickets always have an approximate time of response much shorter. • The VIP user can choose between three different colors to change the color of his character Nickname. • The VIP user can change the sex of his character whenever he want. • The VIP user can change the physical character traits whenever he want. • The VIP user can create VIP requests of abuse within the game. IMPORTANT: Being VIP user is not definitive. In the future, who will become VIP user enjoy its privileges for a period of two months. Then, the VIP will be removed and the user must reacquire if desired. The hero package as well mention the detail, offers vip membership for 3 months. ¿What are and how "Magic Boxes" work? Newline has three different magic boxes. On one side we have the Normal Box, Secondly the Legendary Box and lasts the Divine Box. All of them serve the same function. When opened by our user panel, they will be able to offer different skins surprises. The Normal boxes can hide any type of skin grade inside, while the Legendary Boxes can have any type of Legendary grade skin and if we open a Divine Box we will get one Divine Skin randomly. (Unique skins excluded) ¿What are the "Account Bonuses"? The Account Bonuses are based on the additional Experience, Newline Points and Event Points gived after each completed game. Regardless of the result thereof, the user will receive 20% more Experience, 15% more Newline Points and 10% more Event Points than it should. This bonuses will obviusly be temporary. Like the Beta-Keys, they will have expiration date. ¿What about the Closed Beta? The "Closed Beta" period will be released in Newline in function to reach several objetives. Undoubtedly the main will be to analyze the performance of our server, with higher amounts of users playing at the same time. We will receive a flexible and ordered list of bug reports emerged in users who are using our ticket system. On the other hand we are also putting the final improvementes, and of course, analyzing the first suggestions of our players. ¿What "Alpha Draw" means? As we already mentioned in our forum, the first 500 customers who purchase packages (Baron or Hero) automatically participate in a single draw, with the objetive of trying to get access into the final stage of ALPHA period. We will deliver 80 access for that stage. ¿Until when will the promotion of packages last? The current promotion that lowers the value of our three packages by 30% is available indefinitely. ¿When will begin the Closed Beta period? Today we do not want to commit ourselves to give an exact release date because it can be modified for various reasons. Anyway, as you know we are pretty close. The game is already running smoothly few months ago, but we want to achieve a decent, outstanding and fun BETA period. For this it is necessary to enter, as usual, in details, and keep working hard as we have been doing until today. We will keep you informed on this daily. ¿When will starts the Open Beta period? At the day we have no way to answer this question accurately, because as we mentioned in the previous point, we do not know how may delay our closed beta period (before the open beta). You can rest easy anyway, because when we know the exact date, we will announce it. ¿Is there any way to enter in the closed beta period without obtaining reward packages? It is probably but it will be quite difficult since open beta keys are minimal. Our first priority is to ensure slots for those who contribute to the project. Once we are sure of this, then we will probably drawing an X amount of basic keys (without additional benefits) they will depend on the number of packages delivered. Therefore, we can't assure you or your participation in it, nor the number of keys that we will deliver at this period. When the beta period ends. ¿The server will be reset? Yes and no. After the open beta, the game will suffer a rollback. The only data that we retain will be: Accounts (all), Nickname characters who participated in the closed beta, Skins, Newline coins, Magic boxes & VIP Accounts. any acquired Hero in the course of the betas wiil be lost, as clans, level of accounts, list of friends, dyes, etc. ¿Where I can download the game? Some days before BETA launch, we will be publishing the link of our UPDATER, which can be downloaded by all our users. However, only those who have an active account for the BETA will be those who can enter to play. ¿Minimum system requirements to play? Below we shows a table of minimum and recommended requirements to play Newline ¿Do I have any privilege over by being a participant of the beta period? Yes. If your account is part of the beta then it will be recognized as foundress. Within the game, the color of its title character (different from the rest) will look blue. Moreover, you will be able to purchase skins, and retain your character Nickname. ¿Are all additional benefits achieved instantly? No. While most benefits are delivered instantly as: Newline Coins, VIP membership, etc. Other new benefits will be delivered at the launch of BETA, as Beta-Keys, Magic Boxes, etc. And finally, we also have some deliveries for the official release, because nothing would change delivering them before, as well the case of Heroes, Bonus XP & NLP.
  14. Reglas de juego - Rules of the Game

    - Rules are in place to regulate the behavior of players and moderators within Newline servers. - The fact of creating a new user within our servers imply acceptance of the rules. - The Newline Staff reserves the right of admission and permanence of its users within the community. Regulations The Staff of Newline have the right to change the rules at any time without notice. Not knowing this regulation may not be invoked as justification under any circumstances. Users are required to read, accept and agree with all standards set in the next paragraphs: 1) Accounts: The accounts are personal data, also the data in our panel of accounts. That personal data is the only reasonable way to justify the ownership of their own. The use of false information may compromise in a way that justification, to the point of taking away their right to claim. If you lend your account to another person, the perpetrator shall remain you at all times. If someone steals your account for this reason, the Staff will not be forced to intervene. 2) Creating Characters: It Is forbidden to create characters using similar names to members of our staff. As well as use names containing the initials of "GM, ADM" or similar, to provide the confusion of users. Violation of this rule will be the cause of the automatic deletion of the character, without notice. 3) Behavior in game: The following are examples of behaviors that will end up the disciplinary action: - Racism in any way possible. - Advertising another servers or games. - Use another identity of a person, business or entity for bad purposes (including Newline). - Abuse global channels by sending lots of messages constantly for a large period of time. - The use of external programs like bots, exploits, etc. that may influence the game. - Not reporting a 'bug' and get adventage of it. - Creating fake accounts for a reward / bonus in game. Penalties are applied according the severity of each case. 4) Behavior when playing matches: The following are examples of behaviors that will end up the disciplinary action: - AFK or leaving while the game is still in progress. - Helping the enemy team on purpose. - Insulting ally members for casual errors, Newline won't tolerate harass within the players. Penalties will be reflected in each player's karma. Moderators will penalize people who repeatedly do those actions named above. 5) Updates and modifications: In order to improve our overall gameplay, you agree that Newline may change, modify, update, suspend, disable or restrict your access to any features, also the users may need to download and install software updates at any time, without notice. Newline won't be responsible for those downloads. The user understands that such changes or updates could modify the system specifications necessary to play Newline, in this case the user is responsible for acquiring any additional software and / or hardware to access the game.
  15. Reglas del foro - Rules of the forum

    - The rules are placed to keep track of each person's behavior, including moderators and administrators within the forum. - Creating a new user in the forum implies that you understand and agree with the rules. - The Staff of Newline reserves the right of admission and permanence of all its users within the community. Regulations The Staff of Newline have the right to change the rules ay any time. Not knowing this regulation may not be invoked as justification under any circumstances. Users are required to read, accept and comply with all standards set forth below: 1) Accounts: The accounts are personal and also the data you enter on our panel user accounts. That personal information will be the only reasonable way to justify the ownership of the accounts, the use of false information may compromise that justification, to the point of taking away the right to claim. If any user lends his account to another person, the perpetrator shall remain the original user at all times, if someone steals that account for this reason, the staff will not be forced to intervene. 2) Penalties and / or warnings: Any of the following acts listed below could cause penalties, whether suspensions and permanent bans on the board: - Insult or attack of any kind to any member of the Staff. - Comments or insults that offend morality, religion, race, etc. - Posting personal information about another user, lacking prior authorization of that user. - Create post in wrong sections and breaking the policy of each sub-section of the forum. - Invalidate any post. - Create more than one post on the same subject. - Generate two consecutive responses to a post, instead of editing the first. - Create a thread referencing the server status. (OFF / ON) - Advertise another servers or games. - Posting "pornographic" images. - Make abuse of offensive language against any user. - Create post ir titles in uppercase. 3) Forum sections: Each section has a brief introduction explaining terms of use, any user that doesn't respect that on many occasions will be banned. 4) General behavior: We believe that the main objective of this forum is to ensure that all our users can express themselves freely, using an understandable language, but always respecting the rules. This applies to bot staff and users.

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