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Hello guys

I know that we're just a few now most surely a minority but I'm sure we'll be quite a lot of people when the server starts going a little bit more international.

Despite being the minority Newline will make sure that every corner of the website will be translated into English the soonest we have every piece of information completed also the whole site is going to be in portuguese for those from Brazil that want to play i am sure there're a lot of them that are extremely anxious haha.

Anyway we won't take you from granted, that's what Newline wants to say.

As you can see everyone on the Staff is really busy working on everything specially implementing new sections and providing the community with brand new things so we just have some time in between to translate everything right. It'll take a while but patience! we'll get there. In the meantime we can share some thoughts in the forum so we can expand and share information with the new international members that come to the site and forum.

See you around!

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